Here's the thing about Tiffany Houghton: She's bubbly, friendly and always willing to chat with her fans. It's hard to believe that there's facts her TifFANies don't know about her!

Luckily, the singer dished to PopCrush, sharing sweet and insightful details about her life. It's a great look into the side of Tiffany fans might not know -- but still affirms she's pretty much the sweetest person ever.

In the '10 Things' she discusses, Tiffany reveals a quirky fact about her tongue (yep, her tongue!) and her unexpected favorite color as a child. The singer even shares her celeb crush and shows how into him she is! (OK, maybe this fact isn't exactly a secret -- but trust us, it's hilarious and adorable!)

Whether you're a lifelong TifFANy or just want to know more about the girl next door with the incredible voice, check out these 10 things you might not know about Tiffany Houghton!

  • 1

    I can't taste on the right side of my tongue.

  • 2

    I love hot yoga.

  • 3

    When I was little my favorite color was brown because I felt bad for it -- no one ever picked it as their favorite color!

  • 4

    Instead of lemonade sales I used to get my karaoke machine and play concerts in my front yard!

  • 5

    I'm addicted to Boom Chicka Pop (popcorn).

  • 6

    I've been writing in a journal every day since I was 6 years old.

  • 7

    I love the sound of the saxophone.

  • 8

    I used to bring my boombox as my carry-on to the airport and set it up near the vending machines so I could sing for everyone.

  • 9

    I love Nick Jonas.

  • 10

    We like to have 'Frozen' sing-alongs on the Team Tiff bus.


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