Britney Spears' new heartfelt ballad 'Perfume' is barely three days old and up and comer Tiffany Houghton has already offered her pretty, spare, bare bones but beautiful cover of the song, making it her own.

Houghton stripped the song down to vocals and an acoustic guitar. As a bonus, the blonde cutie performed the track while seated in her bed. See the headboard and pillows?

While Brit sings about her vulnerabilities in the well-produced song and shows us her insecurities in a relationship via the lyrics, Houghton takes the vulnerable element up a notch, thanks to the timber and tone of her delicate voice. It's a different (and equally vulnerable) take on a powerful song, one that has already left a mark.

Check it out -- it's an indie interpretation of a pop diva's work.

PopCrushers, tell us what you think of Tiffany Houghton's take on Brit's future smash. Do you like it? Love it? Prefer the original?

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