Jake Miller is getting ready to make the video for his new single, "Dazed and Confused," but he needs your help.

The rapper and singer just posted a YouTube video about the contest to find the right person to be in the upcoming visual with him and Travie McCoy, who's featured on the track. "I want one of you beautiful earthlings watching this video right now to be in my music video with me and Travie McCoy," he announced in the clip.

Starting today (March 7), contestants have until March 14 to enter the contest. There are two ways to enter. First, you can download the instrumental version of the track, which you can get here, and remix it however you want. "You can either remix it or cover it using your own lyrics or mine," he said.

If that's not your forte, you can make your own video for the song. "I don't care what you guys do," he explained. "I just want you to be creative with the song."

When you're done with the video or track, you need to upload it to YouTube with "#DazedAndConfusedVideoContest" so Jake and his team can see it and choose their favorite. The winner will be announced on March 15.

For more details about the contest, be sure to watch the complete video above.

The winner will not only be in the video, but they will also hang out on the set with the two artists and get a exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the whole production. He also further promotes the contest on Twitter.

Now that you know the deets, get to work!

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