One of our favorite things in the world is the Readers Poll, because it really allows you, our PopCrushers — those with an unfettered amount of loyalty and dedication — to reclaim your power in the weird and unexplainable relationship that exists between celebrity and fan.

Previously, we’ve crowned our Prom King and Queen and Song of Summer 2015, and you guys came out in droves to vote. Hopefully, your fave won! If not, we recommend setting an alarm so you can make sure to vote every hour on the hour next time. That’s the only way you can be sure their loss does not rest on your shoulders, you know?

This time we’re back with yet another poll, where you get to judge your faves based on how they look in beach attire. So fun, right? Welcome to the Beach Babes and Beach Hunks of 2015, in which you guys get to vote for your choice of beach-going celebrity.

In case you aren’t aware of what the candidates look like when they’re not draped in beautiful designer clothing, we’ve compiled two galleries for you to look through and judge accordingly.

This post houses photos of all the men in our poll, so flip through the pictures below before you cast your vote, from Justin Bieber to Harry Styles to Jake Miller to Zac Efron. There's a lot of eye candy to review here, but we trust you'll get it done.