After weeks of voting, the PopCrush Prom King and Queen of 2015 have officially been crowned. Congratulations to Harry Styles and Ariana Grande for winning this most prestigious award.

It was a tireless effort for those of you who voted daily, and we know how frustrating that once-per-hour-only rule must have been, but you guys rallied together and secured the win for your faves. They're probably so grateful.

The final round for Prom King was between Harry and James Maslow, and while Harry won with a sizable amount of votes (59.15%), Maslow fans were voting right up until the poll closed earlier today with an impressive fervor. It was a valiant effort, but the sheer number of people voting for Harry turned out to be a force to great to be reckoned with. Ariana Grande, meanwhile, managed to squeak past Taylor Swift at the last second to be crowned Prom Queen with a win of 50.14% of votes.

Harry and Ariana are a fitting pair, though, in a way. Perhaps they're not quite as fitting as Taylor and Harry would've been (1989 is largely rumored to be written, at least in part, about their never-officially-confirmed relationship and we'll never believe otherwise), but still -- Harry wrote the song "Just A Little Bit of Your Heart" that appears on Ariana's album My Everything, so that connection exists. It's almost like they were always meant to be crowned Prom King and Queen together, you know? The universe works in mysterious ways.

Congratulations to the winners, and even to the losers. Because if you have any amount of fans who are willing to dedicate time in campaigning for your win in anything at all, you're definitely doing way better than the rest of us.

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