The thing about prom is you often relive it for the rest of your life -- whether it was an amazing experience you recount to your kids (because some people really do care about prom, forever), or it was a terrible experience that your mind unleashes on you in some attempt to affirm your own feelings of inadequacy. Either way: It's a memory that may always stay with you. In a similar way, whoever is ultimately crowned PopCrush's Prom King of 2015 will no doubt hold the memory in his heart forever, because NO other honor the winner ever receives will carry as much weight as this one.

Today marks the beginning of the final round for Prom King, so it's your last chance to vote your fave to glory: One Direction's Harry Styles is up against James Maslow.

What more is there to say about Harry Styles that we haven't already covered? He channels Jennifer Lopez's iconic Versace dress with his increasingly low-cut button-down shirts, destroys his own clothes and then wears them in his hair, had one of the best pop albums released in the past decade written (mostly, probably) about him (at the very least one of the best pop songs was).  He is publicly well-behaved, can actually sing and has endeared himself to industry powerhouses and commoners alike. If One Direction were ever to break up (and they've already surpassed the typical boyband shelf life, though we don't like to admit it), Harry would do just fine.

James Maslow of Big Time Rush fame, meanwhile, is a solid contender in his own right. He won the previous round of PopCrush Prom King against Nathan Sykes by the tiniest percentage (50.36%), but it was enough to forge ahead. Let's not forget he won PopCrush's own Hottest Star of 2013, proving that his fans are hardcore dedicated. He's also a pretty cool guy, as these ten facts clearly demonstrate.

Who deserves to win the ultimate achievement in Internet contests?? You can vote for your choice for PopCrush Prom King of 2015 once per hour before the poll closes on June 9 at 3PM ET.

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