Even though they initially denied their relationship, Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks have confirmed that they are a couple and now they're shouting their love for one another from the mountain tops. Derulo recently dropped a remix of 'It Girl,' and apparently this position has been filled by his lady love Ms. Sparks, as she is featured on the song and in a video accompanying the revamped tune.

Bossip premiered the video for the new version of 'It Girl,' which has a more serious tone opposed to the whistle-laden, blissfulness of the original. The remix has a slower tempo and Derulo ditched the bubbly quality of the OG verison of 'It Girl' for a more romantic, loving R&B melody. Sparks gets her own verse on the song, and she and Derulo, both 22, harmonize together on the chorus, with their voices matching up beautifully.

Even though the song is really catchy, with pounding 808's and a head-bopping beat, the video is by far the best part. The clip displays behind-the-scenes footage of Derulo and Sparks together, and they might just be the cutest couple in the entire world. Their love for one another really shines through as we see them cozying up together on the couch, laughing hysterically at each other's jokes, and passionately kissing. Can we get a big ol' "awwwww" up in here?!

Watch the Jason Derulo 'It Girl' (Remix) Video Feat. Jordin Sparks