Javier Colon was named the first ever winner of 'The Voice.' It was a close race, though. Host Carson Daly revealed that there was just a two percent difference in the voting, and Dia Frampton was the runner-up.

Up until the final second when Daly announced Colon's name, it really was anyone's guess because Colon and Frampton were the clear favorites to take the win. Perhaps that eleventh hour endorsement from Justin Bieber was what nudged Colon past Frampton? Not to take away from Colon's win -- because he truly deserved it and has one of the most incredible voices to ever fill our ears -- but he and Frampton are both so talented that we couldn't tell who would eventually notch the win.

Colon, who has never given up despite numerous stops and starts in the music industry throughout his career, was emotionally overwhelmed when he won. With tears in his eyes, he did not forget to give a warm shout out to "the three women behind me" who made it to the finals with him. His coach Adam Levine engulfed him in a big hug. The Maroon 5 frontman was over the moon at Colon's victory.

Congratulations to Javier Colon on winning 'The Voice' in its debut season. We cannot wait to hear your debut album as a Universal Republic artist, since a contract with the label is part of the prize package.

We'd also like to hear more of Frampton -- which we will, if her coach Blake Shelton has anything to say about it -- as well as Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez.

Until next season ... Javier Colon is 'The Voice.'

Watch Javier Colon Sing 'Stitch by Stitch' on 'The Voice'