13-year-old Jeffrey Eli Miller is already known for his impressive Vine game, but now the viral star is starring in his own music video for his Instagram-centric song 'Double Tap' -- and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere.

'Double Tap' is the woeful, timeless tale of seeing your crush or significant other looking just a little too friendly with someone who isn't you -- only with a modern twist, as Jeffrey poignantly croons about seeing this all go down via Instagram. And even though, yeah, that makes him pretty heartbroken and pissed ("shade hashtag," he sings) he just can't help but double tap his love interest's selfie, something he does with emotion throughout the video.

And speaking of emotion, it is Miller's soulful voice that is the standout on the track and in the video. While the concept may seem silly or lighthearted to some, it is the genuine feeling in Miller's voice that makes the hurt truly seem believable, and makes us all recall that first time we were burned by a crush.

"The video to 'Double Tap' was my first video! I'll never forget it!" Miller tells PopCrush about the vid. "I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I did making it."

Check out Jeffrey Eli Miller's 'Double Tap' music video above, and download the track on iTunes here.