Uh-oh. Jennette McCurdy might be joining the likes of Dylan Sprouse and Vanessa Hudgens in the line of former child stars having racy photos leak. The Nickelodeon actress -- who currently stars on 'Sam & Cat' with Ariana Grande -- began trending on Twitter, but it wasn't for the right reasons. Suggestive photos of the actress in lingerie immediately started popping up all over the social media site.

While we don't know for sure if the provocative snaps are real (they could very well be Photoshopped, or of a look-alike), they are pretty racy. The pics show what appears to be McCurdy in lacy, sky blue lingerie, lying suggestively on a bed. It would make sense that the shots might be of her, considering she just slammed her ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond in a recent radio interview.

In the interview, McCurdy basically jokes that she was never really interested in the 20-year-old NBA player (who, by her account, seemed to be nothing but sweet) and calls him out for being a bad kisser. Could it be a coincidence that the supposed pics of McCurdy leaked just days after the interview went live?

While the photos are pretty provocative, they could be a lot worse. After all, she's still (minimally) clothed and not naked.
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