Jennifer Hudson just released the music video for her song "I Still Love You" and boy, is it an unexpected tearjerker. The song itself is an upbeat dance track, and while the lyrics are a wistful plea for a return to the way things once were ("I still love you / Please come back to me / I still love you / He's everything I need"), the video goes in a different direction from that of lost romantic love.

It's a simple premise: A man calls his estranged father -- who refuses to answer the phone -- asking him to attend his wedding. The only problem is, the father is unable to accept the fact that his son is gay. The video's strength lies in the way both of their lives are portrayed. The son and his soon-to-be-husband are obviously in love and are surrounded by family and friends who care deeply about them -- theirs is a world full of color and life. Meanwhile, the father seems to live a pretty lonely existence; his mantle is littered with photos of his son from years ago, but he's very much alone.

Thankfully, the video has a happy ending, with the father ultimately accepting his son for who he is and showing up at the wedding. It's a touching moment when he arrives just in time to see the happy couple kiss at the altar. The very end of the video displays a fitting message, asking the viewer to support marriage equality.

You can check out the video for "I Still Love You" above.

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