James Corden is taking steps to make every Los Angeles resident's favorite pastime -- sitting in traffic -- even more enjoyable. Yesterday, the new Late Late Show host enlisted Jennifer Hudson to help him in his quest and we've got the video footage to prove it.

The woman with the epic voice joined James for a ride through LA's notoriously jam-packed streets. The video starts out with James and Jennifer bickering and at that point, you can't really be sure where the whole thing is going to go. Obviously, we knew it would take a comedic turn (and we already know that James does a really good hissy fit) but we had no idea what we were in for in the video.

Let's just say it doesn't disappoint: For one thing, the soundtrack for the drive, predictably, involves "Trouble," Jennifer's single with Iggy Azalea, which is an amazing song.

After singing along to that, the pair pulls in to a drive-through and Jennifer plays the parrot game with James, this time with a musical twist: She sings his order while he places it. Other Jennifer Hudson songs come up during the drive, including her radio hit "Spotlight" and, of course, her most famous number, "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)" from Dreamgirls.

The video has way too many highlights to name just one — from Jennifer's stellar vocals, which are totally unreal even when she doesn't appear to be trying very hard, to James' hilarious antics to the weirdly perfect chemistry these two have. We're kind of obsessed.

The video is worth a watch. Check it out above!

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