Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson collaborating together? That spells "Trouble" -- in the best possible way.

Taking us back to the flashy days of '70s-era L.A. (gotta love those vivid sunsets and vibrant orange/hot pink/purple color schemes), I-G-G-Y and J. Hud get awesomely old school in the lyric video for "Trouble," borrowing a little inspiration from comic books in the kickass vid. (Let's be real: Any video that shows Jennifer Hudson as a cop arresting a bad girl Iggy Azalea is amazing in our books.)

But in addition to the throwback vibe we're feelin' in the vid, we're also loving the sound of the track. It's crazy addictive! Of course, it features Azalea spittin' the rhymes and Hudson on the hook, both powerhouse women teaming up to impart a little knowledge about the "bad boy" on us all.

The Aussie rapper is clearly enthralled with the idea of a mischievous man: "A little trouble only makes for a good time," she raps. "So all the normal red flags be a good sign." But Hudson is a little more cautious, belting out the chorus almost as a warning: "Don't you come here thinkin' you're ballin' / Ain't down for it," she croons. "You seem like trouble to me." We love how their roles in the vid totally mirror the lyrics that they perform!

Ready to feast your eyes (and your ears) on Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson's epic collab? Check out their "Trouble" lyric video above!

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