Iggy Azalea has kissed social media goodbye.

The outspoken rapper announced that she will no longer be running her various networking sites because all of the hate and bullying she endures is causing her to "become an angry person."

It all seemed to come to a head last night (Feb. 18) after Azalea got back from vacation and immediately started receiving negative comments about paparazzi photos that were taken of her while she was away.

The Aussie rapper tweeted:

There's no question that bullying (especially a seemingly endless string of cruel comments from thousands of strangers on the internet) can definitely take a toll on anyone, and celebrities are no exception. In fact, Azalea explained that the seriously harsh reactions were getting under her skin so much that she just had to take a step back -- for her own mental health.

Still, Iggy Azalea fans need not worry: Her management will still be running her accounts and keeping fans up-to-date on all of the latest Azalean happenings, she revealed.

And then she came out with this zinger:

It makes sense that Iggy Azalea is taking that step away from social media, especially since this is far from the first time that the "Fancy" rapper has been embroiled in some less-than-stellar online feuds. Of course, there was her epic back-and-forth with Azealia Banks and that whole Snoop Dogg fiasco (which she later totally owned by dressing up as one of the White Chicks for Halloween).

It sounds like Iggy Azalea's time away from social media will definitely be good for her. We're happy that she's making that change! No one needs to be bombarded with constant hate on the daily -- it's just freaking unnecessary.

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