It's going to be a big 2011 for Jennifer Lopez, whose new single 'On the Floor' featuring Pitbull recently premiered on her 'American Idol' colleague Ryan Seacrest's show.

'On the Floor' offers a global pulse that J. Lo has achieved on past hits, and it may remind listeners of her Y2K anthem 'Waiting for Tonight.' She appropriately teams up with fellow Miami artist Pitbull for an aggressive rhyme that kicks off the song with a punch:

"Get on the floor / I'm loose, and everybody knows I get off the train / Baby it's the truth / I'm like Inception, I play with your brain / So don't sleep or snooze / I don't play no games so don't get it confused, no / 'Cause you win or lose, yeah."

"Simplicity is the key to success," Pitbull tells PopCrush about creating his memorable one-liners. "You’re able to make something simple yet complicated -- but everybody [still] understands your point of view. It just kind of comes to mind [easily], because being Cuban-American or growing up with Cuban roots, we live by one-liners. They teach you a whole lesson in one line; it comes pretty natural."

While 'Floor' is not the most ambitious of vocals from Lopez, it's a refreshing comeback that fits well in her range. A warm, accordion sound -- sampled from French pop group Lambada's 1989 hit 'Kaoma' -- reminds us of the recent Romanian hit 'Stereo Love' and offers a jet-setting appeal that should keep fans singing the catchy, universal "la la la la la" chorus and living vicariously through the lyrics: "Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Africa."

The strong house production is the link for this explosion of collaborative Latin talent — a second time-running for the two, as Pitbull shares. "The way this record came about actually, I did a record with J. Lo before ['Lola,'] which was with Pharrell about two years ago. As far as this record, it’s more of a global smash," he adds. "[The record] came about through RedOne and that’s how we made the connection with J. Lo."

The music video for the single should debut sometime in February. Jennifer Lopez is slated to release her new record 'Love?' this summer while Pitbull's 'Planet Pit' is scheduled for release this year as well. Lopez can be seen Wednesday and Thursday nights on FOX on 'American Idol''s judging panel.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez, 'On the Floor' Feat. Pitbull