Bald is beautiful, and these ladies are living proof! While they all have their own personal reasons for doing so, Jessie J, Willow Smith and Amber Rose have all rocked shaved hairdos, with the 'Domino' songstress becoming the most recent to join the sheared pack.

Based on physicality alone, which one of these gals do you think looks best with a shaved head?

We'll start with Jessie J, who showed what a beautiful and caring person she is by shaving off her beautiful, raven-colored locks. On March 15, 2013, for Red Nose Day, Jessie J shaved her head on live TV in order to raise money for the Comic Relief charity. Ms. J wrote about her experience on Instagram, and about the girl Amy who inspired it all:

"I met Amy in G.O.S.H with *Make a wish* (A charity for young people with life threatening disease/illness to give them their final wishes) I said i want to do something that could help raise money for charity to help young people like yourself" she said "Why don't you shave your head?" ... I shaved my head live on BBC 1 for @rednoseday helping raise a record breaking 75million pounds to go towards supporting people in need just like Amy. This picture will forever remind me why in life I must always recognise how I can help those who need it. Give time, understanding and most importantly dedication and love. I will always try my best to do good in my own little way.."

While Jessie J did it for the sake of others, Willow Smith and Amber Rose just dig the shaved head look so much, they asked their hairdressers to hook 'em up with buzz cuts. Willow shaved her cute lil' head back in 2012, ending all hopes of her signature hair whips, at least into the near future.

Model/budding singer/Wiz Khalifa's main squeeze/baby Bash's mama, Amber Rose, on the other hand, has been rocking the shaved head for as long as we can remember. She has embraced the bleached blond buzz so much, we can't even imagine what she'd look like with longer hair!

After looking at their sheared domes, which lady looks best with a shaved head? Jessie, Willow or Amber? Vote below!