After Jimi Hendrix estate denied reports that a biopic about the late guitarist is in production, it seems that a movie is in the works ... just not with the estate's involvement.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that production on the film 'All Is by My Side' is, in fact, scheduled to begin next month in Dublin, Ireland. OutKast rapper Andre 3000 (real name Andre Benjamin) will play the late rock guitarist in the movie, which is written and directed by 'Three Kings' screenwriter John Ridley.

According to the producers, the film will chronicle Hendrix's life in England from 1966 to 1967 when he was recording his classic debut album 'Are You Experienced.' The movie also will explore the guitarist's love life in England then, as well. A press release states, “At its heart a love story, 'All Is by My Side'  is about a man growing up, falling in love and becoming Jimi."

The only real hurdle is the music. Without The Experience Hendrix, LLC giving their full blessing on the project, having no original music in the film could turn away audiences hoping to hear Hendrix's classic songs.

But it wouldn't be the first time a Hendrix-related movie featured no original music. Back in 2000, 'Hendrix,' a Showtime telefilm, starring 'The Wire''s Wood Harris as the iconic guitarist, only featured covers of Hendrix's songs. That wouldn't be appealing for a big-screen biopic, especially when Andre 3000 has some vocal chops and can play guitar.

Reps for the movie 'All Is by My Side' wouldn't comment on Hendrix's estate denouncing the project. They also wouldn't divulge how they would showcase Hendrix's songs in the film.

 When asked whether the biopic would feature Hendrix's music, the rep said the production companies “appreciate the valid question, but we’re not getting into specifics outside of what we’ve shared so far."

The saga continues…

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