In this era of "alternative facts" and mendacious tweeting from the president, it must be confusing to be a kid. Jimmy Kimmel devoted his monologue last night to helping our nation's youngsters understand what lies are, why the president and his spokespeople repeat them, and how they spread and spread.

The classic Schoolhouse Rock! taught kids how a bill becomes a law. Using that as inspiration,"I'm Just a Lie" shows them how a lie becomes a fact, starting like this:

I'm just a lie, yes, I'm only a lie

I'm so untrue I just want to cry

Well I just popped out of the president's brain

And the very idea of me's completely insane

But someday I'm gonna be a fact

Oh yes, I'll try and I'll try

But today I am still just a lie

They should teach this in every classroom in the country:

Seth Meyers' "A Closer Look" series has become indispensable viewing these days, and last night he dug through the two bombshells that have rocked the White House this week. (And it's still only Wednesday!) First up was the report that President Trump revealed highly classified intelligence about ISIS to two Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting -- intel so secret and valuable that we hadn't even told our allies about it. But Trump figured he'd do his buddy Putin a solid and, well, here we are.

Next was the news that broke late yesterday that Trump privately asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop his investigation into ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's Russia connections, a clear violation of ethics and a potential cause for impeachment.

At this point, if Trump isn't in bed with the Russians, it will easily be history's biggest coincidence.

Let's get away from Trumpland for a bit, shall we? On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked the "Big Questions, With Even Bigger Stars," this time with his buddy Brad Pitt. As the two men rested on a blanket and stared up at the stars, they pondered the universe, death, dreams, and life's most challenging philosophical dilemmas.

"What do you see when you look up there?" Pitt asks Colbert.

"I see an endless void," Colbert responds. "No answers. No meaning. No way to construct coherence from the swirling chaos."

"You see all that when you look into space?"

"No, just...that cloud kinda looks like Sean Spicer."

Sorry, guess we did end up back in Trumpland, didn't we?

Okay, seriously, no more Trump stuff. We'll keep it short and simple.

Here's James Corden introducing his new girlfriend to Billy Crudup and Kristen Schaal. She's quite lovely and charming, except that she's a xenomorph from those Alien movies.

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