On tonight's (June 13) episode of 'Duets,' crooner John Legend and his girls Bridget Carrington and Meleana Brown were tasked with singing party songs. Legend and Carrington dropped back to the '70s and the disco era, doing the late Donna Summer's 'Last Dance,' while he and Brown offered up their version of Kelly Clarkson's super smash 'Since U Been Gone.' The latter wasn't good and as a result, Brown was eliminated.

For the opening verse of 'Last Dance,' a tune which escalates in tempo as it progresses. the R&B superstar and the tax collector on the cusp of fame bumped up against one another. As the songs pacing kicked into faster gear, they didn't lose that sexy, "I only have eyes for you" vibe. They shook off the song's glittery, dance floor vibe in favor of a soft rock duet. It felt a bit "wedding karaoke" to us. The ending was a bit of a show stopper moment, though.

As for Legend and Brown? Well, singing a song by one of the show's superstars was a ballsy and daring move. It was definitely different to hear two voices paired on this song. It wasn't Brown's strongest showing; that actually took place during her debut week, during which she stepped in due to the fact that one of Legend's charges had to drop out at the last minute.

We can't say we think is the best choice for a duet, even if the original is a firecracker. Just look at the end result. Legend and Brown engaged the audience and Clarkson herself, but it didn't quite do the trick.

Clarkson even admitted that it's a hard song to sing. She would know!

Brown was in the bottom two, so she elected to sing Whitney Houston's 'Saving All My Love for You' a cappella. It was good, but not great. It also got her sent eliminated from the competition.

Watch John Legend + Bridget Carrington Sing 'Last Dance'

Watch John Legend + Meleana Brown Sing 'Since U Been Gone'