It's only fitting that JoJo and Alessia Cara — with the guitar-backing of DNCE's JinJoo — showed off their pipes earlier today (December 14) from inside a bathroom stall.

JoJo, whose Mad Love dropped in October, shared an acoustic version of the album's "I Can Only." via YouTube, and proved there's no wrong place for three talented artists to make music. The song, the studio version of which features Cara, speaks to a sense of personal sovereignty ("This moment of truth hidden under my tongue, No longer numb," the first verse goes), and the stripped-down alternative makes its message seem even freer.

(And yes, Cara does seem to be perched on the toilet throughout. Got a problem?)

JoJo sang Cara's praises during a September interview with The Zach Sang Show, during which she described how "I Can Only." came to be, and why Cara was such a crucial element.

"Alessia is the first artist that I played the first album for," she said. "She's a friend of mine. I respect her so much. I love what she's bringing to the table as a young woman, as a songwriter and she's a beautiful example of how you can be yourself and still win in this industry."

What do you make of the "I Can Only" performance? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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