JoJo's newest collaboration is a bit less Tinseltown, and a bit more playground.

The singer, who recently took "Save My Soul" to late-night TV, reached a little bit further back into her tringle catalog for a "Say Love" performance featuring Staten Island's very talented PS22 children's chorus. In a video published to the group's YouTube page today (February 23), the super-group sets a new standard for public school auditorium sets.

JoJo begins the song — which pushes for a more meaningful relationship — solo, but just before the first chorus, her massively talented supporting players suddenly ignite. "Say love" they harmonize, outfitted in uniform blue and orange T-shirts, as JoJo powers through the hook.

"This was amazing," JoJo says after the set is complete, and the jaws have dropped. "I want to do this every time. I wish they were on the road with me. Why can't we just get them all passports and why can't we travel the world together? It was such a joy!"

The PS22 Chorus, which includes close to 100 talented fifth-grade students, routinely performs for school functions and special events and its members have sung with Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and more of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Watch the performance above, and check out PS22's YouTube channel for more standout performances.

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