Ever since her hits 'Leave (Get Out)' and 'Too Little Too Late,' the world has kinda missed JoJo and her soulful, wise-beyond-her-years voice. When she released a single 'Disaster' in the fall, we thought she was back -- but it turns out it wasn't her time just yet. Until now.

The young powerhouse talked to Billboard about why she tossed her entire album 'Jumping Trains' -- which was originally called 'All I Want Is Everything.' "It didn't feel right anymore," she explained simply. "I've been working on it for a long time. I'm 21 now and it didn't feel like me."

What does feel like her? The reworked project, which she called "something that is musical but still on the cutting edge yet still has an element of nostalgia. It makes me feel the way that hip-hop and R&B in the '90s kind of makes me feel." She mentioned also that she wants the album to be "crazy, sexy and cool" -- so we're sensing a bit of a TLC influence here!

JoJo said she's working with Noah '40' Shebib in Toronto and that she's really happy with the way her record is progressing. "We came up with something I'm really proud of and it felt like the right thing," she told the chart bible. "I just released a new single called 'Demonstrate,' which is the first release off the new project. I'm shooting the video for it the first week of August, so I'm just getting mentally and physically prepared for that and really conceptualizing and being in the studio and creating."

That's great, JoJo -- now get to releasing it already, because the world is waiting!

Watch the JoJo 'Disaster' Video