Jon Stewart already has his first post-Daily Show gig lined up -- he's been announced as host for the WWE's upcoming SummerSlam.

According to WWE's official website, he will serve as master of ceremonies for the event. It's a fitting gig for Stewart, whose longtime love of wrestling undoubtedly has him well prepared to host the four-hour special, which is set to take place at Brooklyn's Barclays Center this upcoming Sunday (August 23).

Daily Show fans probably remember the feud between Stewart and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins from earlier this year. The two jokingly sparred online, when Rollins declared he could host The Daily Show better than Stewart had: "I could take over as host of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable."

Stewart fired back with his own video, saying, “Seth Rollins, you’ve made a lot of mistakes in your life: Being a turncoat to the Shield, being a toady for the Authority, not being able to choose which color your hair should be — but this is the biggest mistake you ever made. You just stepped in a world of hurt, my friend. I’m coming for you Rollins, and you’re gonna see it: 160 pounds of dynamite."

Then Rollins crashed The Daily Show, and the two agreed to settle things once and for all during a March broadcast of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. During the episode, Stewart hit Rollins with a swift kick-to-the-groin and fled -- a fitting climax for their purported feud.

WWE's SummerSlam will air Sunday August 23 at 7PM EST on pay-per-view and the WWE Network.