Jon Stewart had hundreds of colorful celebrity interactions during his tenure at The Daily Show — but if memory serves, he never threw a chair at anyone. He saved that particular stunt for his hosting gig at WWE's SummerSlam last night (August 23) in Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

The comedian, host, film director and longtime WWE fan got to live out a wrestling fanboy fantasy when he squared off with John "lookit, my title belt spins!" Cena. Stewart's foray into the world of professional wrestling isn't as incongruous as it may seem: He's been nursing a faux-feud with wrestler Seth Rollins since earlier this year. Rollins interrupted the Moment of Zen to taunt Stewart in a February Daily Show episode, and then Stewart showed up on WWE Raw to defend himself the following month.

Jon's clearly been perfecting the wrestling moves he learned back then, because he (fake) injured John Cena with speed and skill on Sunday night.

Jon wasn't the only non-wrestling celebrity at last night's SummerSlam, as Arrow's Stephen Amell faced off against the wrestler he's been "feuding" with, Stardust. Like Stewart, Amell is a famous wrestling fan who recently made a WWE Raw cameo. Professional wrestling: So hot right now?

Jon and Stephen even got into some signature WWE backstage skit-banter. "I'm really here for [The Undertaker]. He's kind of a buddy of mine, always calling me up, 'Do you think this...casket's...too spooky?'" Stewart boasts to Amell, who's ripped physique does seem built for a wrestling career. "Really?" the CW star replies skeptically, and then the wrestler they're talking about fails to acknowledge their existence. Awkwardness ensues.

Are you someone who counts themselves as a wrestling fan, Daily Show devotee AND Arrow stan? Let us know if last night's events had you freaking out.

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