Even though almost no romantic story in the history of ever begins with "so I stormed the stage and attacked him," that doesn't mean Justin Bieber's legions of fans aren't willing to give it a whirl -- and if you think it's just American girls who are that brazen, think again.

During a Monday appearance in the Land Down Under, the Biebs taped a performance for the live finale of 'Australia’s Got Talent' -- and during the interview that followed, a crafty 14-year-old named Amilia Radevska managed to evade security and rush the stage.

But even though Bieber, who's got to be used to this sort of thing by now, put his arm around her, their interlude didn't last long. Irish singer Brian McFadden, who's a judge on the show, did what Justin's bodyguards couldn't and hauled the kicking and screaming girl offstage.

"I was looking around and saw a crack in security and thought 'Now or never,'" Radevska said. "[Bieber] told me he loved me and it was all ok before I was dragged away."

Damn. And it would've been such a great story for the grandkids, too.

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