Justin Bieber allegedly stripped a stranger of his most precious digital memories during a recent nightclub encounter, and it might wind up costing him, according to TMZ.

Robert Earl Morgan says he was at Cle nightclub last month when Bieber reportedly showed up and — just as many other 21 year olds might’ve done, had they been presented with a similar situation — took hold of an available beer bong. Bieber, who Morgan says “was clearly a novice,” then spilled the liquid all over himself.

Morgan claims he was filming the embarrassing mishap, which allegedly prompted Bieber to grab said cell phone and destroy it — smashing it to pieces with his pop star hands.

In his lawsuit, Morgan asserts he lost his SIM card in the process, which has sentimental footage on it like photos from his grandmother’s 100th birthday and also, you know, alleged footage of Bieber spilling alcohol all over himself at a club. He says 5,000 photos and videos in total are long gone. Morgan also claims he lost all of his business contacts and it’s hurting his business, because he failed to backup any of his files or store that valuable information elsewhere.

Morgan is suing for $100,000, which he seems to believe will cover the emotional damage and unending loss he’s allegedly suffered at the hands of Bieber. Let this be a lesson to those of you overly trusting of technology -- always make hard copies.

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