When Justin Bieber offered the world an unfettered look at his rear end last night (July 7), the internet was quick to react. Longtime Instagram-edit artiste and pop star Miley Cyrus offered up a new version that would make Kim Kardashian proud. It's enough to make any derriere enthusiast want to put Major Lazer's "Bubble Butt" on repeat, while gazing at the majesty above.

As many Justin fans tried to mentally will him to turn around, others posted their take with the hashtag #LetsSeetheRestonShots. That's a reference to the selfie app Bieb invested in a couple years back, in case you somehow don't have a Shots account yourself. Here are a few of our favorites — and if we missed a great one, be sure to share it in the comments below. Stay weird, everybody!

Here's Justin hangin' with friends in Bikini Bottom...sans bikini bottom.


This fandom, bruh.

This "Anaconda" art mashup is a bit of a stretch, but the tweet does make the very solid point that Beliebers would love some more new music from Justin, in lieu of vacations and various fashion-related endeavors.

Ariana Grande's brother Frankie left an Instagram commented that went unnoticed by no one, and the collective response was, "SAME."

Google should seriously consider this option for their next illustration of the day.

You know Fifth Harmony's Camila wants a squeeze.

And finally, an always-welcome callback to one of the best mugshots in celebrity history.


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