Have you heard? Justin Bieber is back, and judging by his performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, he's more airborne and more emotional than ever.

Justin sang both his Jack U collaboration "Where Are U Now?" and his new single "What Do You Mean?" during the awards show, ushering in this latest Era of Bieber -- a thing we should all feel lucky to witness -- with a heavy focus on dancing and sleek floor visuals.

After making it out of a pit of fans alive (so brave!), Justin briefly levitated above the crowd, illuminated by soft lighting, until he descended back to the stage like the second coming of pop royalty. And despite a slight loss of breath during the second verse of "What Do You Mean?" Justin's performance ended strong, with a spoken word outro -- and that's when all those pent up emotions started flooding in.

Justin (and, undoubtedly, his ever-devoted Beliebers) was clearly having a Moment when he broke into tears immediately following the end of his sky-high performance. And we're not talking about a staged, single tear casually cascading down his cheek while he looks ahead to the future. We're talking bent over, full-on, guttural weeping -- the kind that really tugs at your heart strings if you have them, you know?

Check out the full video of Justin's 2015 MTV VMAs performance above.

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