Ouch. Breakups always hurt (unless you're really dodging a bullet), but breakups in the public eye have to be excruciating, because strangers are always asking about the status of your relationship. Case in point: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. When asked about the split, Bieber was stammering and at a loss for words.

"I don't know what to say," he told Open House Party on Saturday (quotes via MTV News). "I don't know what's going on in my life.. To even assess that it doesn't make sense 'cause I have not made any comment." When you have a full team of people behind you and you still don't know what to say? That implies limbo and a whole lot of heartwrenching drama. Poor Justin!

Thankfully, a few million Beliebers have his back. Bieber tweeted how grateful he was for the support of his fans after his Believe tour stop in Boston Saturday Night (Nov. 10), writing, "thank u Boston. focused on the positive. #30MillionBeliebers with me. Im never leaving u because u r always there 4 me. love u. Night." Earlier today (Nov. 12), he posted, "regardless of what happens i see all of the tweets and all the love you guys are sending me. thank u. love u too #SUNDAYFUNDAY #MTVEMAs."

From the way Biebs makes it sound, he's still hoping for a reunion with Gomez. However, based on her silence, save for one passive aggressive tweet of a photo of Bieber and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, it doesn't look like a reconciliation is likely anytime soon. Of course, she may well be playing hard to get, but only time will tell.

Listen to Justin Bieber Talk About Breaking Up With Selena Gomez