Take a look at these pictures of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift without makeup... Visual proof that these two songstresses are naturally gorgeous! We bet these celebrity BFFs even look glamorous when they smear some of those goopy green beauty masks on their faces during sleepovers. Even though it's a tough decision, who do you think looks best without makeup? Sel or Tay?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift might both be beautiful, but they have very differing looks. Gomez comes from Mexican and Italian heritage, and her dark hair, full lips, and deep brown eyes definitely reflect these roots. On the other hand, Taylor Swift's ancestry ranges from Irish to German, and she's had blond hair all her life, as well as piercing blue eyes.

Both of these young ladies look incredibly pretty without makeup. Of course, age is working in their favor, and both of the 20-somethings have practically flawless complexions. Gomez doesn't really require mascara, because her eyelashes are naturally dark, and surprisingly, the tow-headed Swift also has noticeably darker lashes. Like her new album, Swift's lips also have a naturally 'Red' hue, while Gomez's appear to have a pinker tone.

Who do you think looks best without makeup? Vote for Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift below!