Being Justin Bieber – can you imagine what life must be like? The Biebs is uber famous, travels the world and has little girls shriek at the sight of him. But underneath the veneer of fame, the 'Boyfriend' singer is just like us.

In a chat with The Daily Telegraph, he reveals that he just wrapped high school, saying, "I passed my test -- I'm free! It was hard doing school and work every day."

Despite the hardship that pulling double duty presented, he did what he had to do for the woman who raised him -- his mother, Pattie Mallette. "That was something my mom really wanted me to do, so I had to do it for her," Bieber confessed. What a good son!

He also explained that he is picking up his education from the school of life and experience, saying, "I mean, this kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life. I've been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading. I'm really not into that stuff. I like to be out there."

The singer also spoke about having to self-censor, given his youthful fan base and the repercussions of things he says since the spotlight constantly fixing its glare squarely on him. "There are people who say negative things," he said. "There are things I want to get off my chest that I haven't been able to say. In interviews, I'm always held back, because I can't say the wrong thing."

The teen acknowledged that "it can be frustrating at times but, you know, you have to be the bigger person and not let things get under your skin."

While all the media attention can be a pain in the butt, he's not taking the fame for granted, saying, "If I was in Canada, I'd be wishing I was here doing all this stuff. I'm really happy to be where I am and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

He is managing to keep his relationship with longtime gal pal Selena Gomez as sacred as he can. While they are often photographed in public together and PDA'ing it up, they aren't flaunting it, either. They're respectful of his fans.

"I don't hide it, but I don't go in anybody's face," he admitted. "What I do in my home or in my own time is my personal life, so I don't give too much of that away, but I also don't hide it, you know?"

Overall, while Biebs has a team of handlers helping him make career-based decisions, he's still the CEO of Justin Bieber, Inc. "Here's the thing -- I'm my own person," he stated. "I don't make my decisions based around what people are going to think about me; I make them based on what I want to do and who I think I want to be. If none of this was happening, if there were no cameras around me, that's the kind of person I'd want to be -- a good person."

That's why the Biebs is aces.