Rumors of Justin Bieber hosting 'Saturday Night Live' have been circulating for the past year, with nothing coming to fruition…until now. We think. Will The Biebs host 'SNL' in 2013?

Well, if you believe a short, sweet and cryptic tweet issued by the singer, then it's highly likely.

The Biebs' tweet doesn't confirm anything, but the suggestion is apparent.

He tweeted:

Could he be hosting the season finale in May? Surely he would be in talks with producer Lorne Michaels at this point, planning ahead. We'd be willing to wager a chunk of cash that Biebs would nail it as the host of the final show -- or any episode, really -- of the season.

We're getting ahead of ourselves, though, since the singer could merely serve as the musical guest, and not the host. Or maybe he'll pull a Bruno Mars and do both.

Anything is possible.

The singer has appeared on the show before, as both the musical guest (in April 2010 during Season 35) and in skits. He had a recent appearance in a super fun one-off this past May, where he helped the show celebrate its 100th digital short.

PopCrushers, whatta ya think? Would you like to see The Biebs host 'SNL?'

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