We've all been there... sorta. You're having a nice meal, enjoying the breeze on an outdoor patio cafe in the South of France, when suddenly you find out some upsetting news and just need to, you know, knock a chair over in anger. It happens.

And that's exactly what happened with Justin Bieber early on Saturday. The singer, looking casual in a black t-shirt, burgundy beanie, and ripped jeans, was dining and enjoying lunch with a friend in Cannes when his pal relayed "some bad personal news" to him. Apparently the news was so bad, that it prompted the "Sorry" singer to stand up from his seat and storm off, but not before aggressively knocking over a chair in the process.

The minor tantrum (seriously, this is Justin Bieber we're talking about, so it could have been way, way worse) startled one of the staff waiters who, carrying a tray of drinks, watched with surprise as the pop star walked out, his friend not far behind him.

While it's still unclear what the "bad news" was about, and what could have been so terrible to cause a young man to lose his cool so dramatically (but not really???) in an otherwise serene public space, Bieber has taken to social media to (sort of) set the record straight, tweeting, "Don't listen to what the media has to say. [You] want to know me. How I feel. What I'm about. It is all right here... Let the music do the talking."

The singer also made light of the incident by sharing this:

Since posting, the singer has also retweeted dozens of tongue-in-cheek chair-related tweets from beliebers, proving that he's maintained a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. Our personal favorite?

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