Now that he's a grown man (have you listened to 'Boyfriend?'), Justin Bieber is eyeing real estate. Rumor has it the Canadian superstar is interested in a Calabasas, Calif. mansion worth a cool $6 million.

TMZ reports that Bieber won't take just any deal on the house, even though it looks pretty awesome. He's been haggling with the seller, and if he doesn't get a price he likes, the site reports that the sale may well fall through.

The seller of the mansion set its asking price at just over $7 million, but Bieber's been trying to knock it down to somewhere in the $5.5 to $6 million range.

The house is sprawling and gorgeous, which would be reason enough for any rich young star to move in. However, Bieber's main attraction to the property is its privacy, as it is located over 20 miles outside of Hollywood. Its distance from Hollywood combined with its gates make it a lot less likely for some pesky paparazzi to take pictures of him coming outside to get the newspaper, doesn't it?

The site also reported that Biebs is eyeing some houses in the Hollywood Hills, as well -- but not the bachelor pad belonging to Ashton Kutcher!

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Bieber is thisclose to going into escrow, but is miffed that so many people know about the house -- which includes a wine cellar, sauna, spa and private movie theater! Nice.