Justin Bieber owes a lot to Michael Jackson, and he paid tribute to the King of Pop with some heartfelt words and a sweet a capella rendition of the Jackson's 5's 'Rockin' Robin.' The 'Baby' singer was at Jackson's Hand & Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Jan. 26 to show some love for the man who inspired him to sing and dance.

Introducing The Biebs was Paris Jackson, who described him as "a performer who also found stardom at a very young age, just like my dad." It's hard to believe that Jackson was breaking records more than a decade before JB was born, and sad that they never got to work together, as Paris remarked that "I know my father would've wanted to be a mentor to ... him."

Beeb kept it classy and stayed humble, remarking that "I don't usually get nervous, but I'm a little nervous right now ... Michael meant so much to me, and I know he meant a lot to you guys as well. He was more than an entertainer. He was an inspiration." Right on, Justin! He added that "everything I do, I look at Michael and I'm like 'I want to be as good as he was.'" Biebs has obviously learned a lot from Michael, not just about singing and dancing, but about rising above your haters and staying on your grind.

Justin knew he couldn't leave the stage without giving us some of what he does best, and so he closed by saying "I used to look in the mirror and I used to sing 'Rockin' Robin' to myself, when I was really little, so I wanted to sing a little of that to you guys." He then launched into an a capella version of the song and everybody in the audience was loving it.

"Have a blessed day. And Michael, I love you," the singer said as he exited the stage. You could tell he meant it.

Watch Justin Speak and Sing at Michael Jackson's Hand and Footprint Ceremony