Justin Bieber's mug shot boasts an ear-to-ear grin, so much so that it looks like he is posing for a gaggle of red carpet photographers. Artist Kyle Baker has taken the mug shot seen 'round the world yesterday (Jan. 23) and turned it into an artistic piece that Beliebers would no doubt want to adorn their walls.

Our friends at Comics Alliance tipped us off to this illustrated version of the mug shot.

Baker, who has created works such as 'Why I Hate Saturn,' The Cowboy Wally Show' and more, certainly took a photo with negative connotations and turned it into something super cool with his piece. You know, it really does highlight The Biebs' handsome and boyish good looks. Right?

That's one good looking mug (shot).

We bet any Belieber worth her salt would beg her parents to buy this for her bedroom walls. However, said parents might decline since it is, you know, a mug shot due to his arrest for DUI while drag racing, which are not exactly parent-condoned activities.

For more on Baker, who might be a Belieber, go here.