In a chat with Angie Martinez of New York City's Hoy 97, Justin Bieber not only joked that he'd be working at McDonald's if he didn't hit it big as a singer -- he shared that he likes to run around naked, eating cereal at his new, several million dollar crib.

“I am running around naked in the house,” the Biebs said about how he likes to do things in his birthday suit. "That’s what you have to do when you — I mean when you get your own place. You feel comfortable to just run around, go get some cereal — butt naked!”

Eating a bowl of Cheerios in the buff? Is that a sight to behold or what, Beliebers?

The Biebs spoke a bit about the décor of his new Calabasas mansion, saying that he has temporary furniture in the abode right now, as he didn't have time to furnish right away.

He also shared that due to time constraints, he doesn't do laundry. As if anyone would expect him to. Pop superstars have assistants for that stuff. "I've done it before. I know how to do laundry," he said, but copped to the fact that he doesn't have time. He's too busy causing hearts to beat faster, girls to faint with desire and releasing chart-topping albums.

The Biebs said he applied for a job at A&W but didn’t need to pursue it since he got the call from manager Scooter Braun. A career in fast food was not his destiny, obviously.

Watch Justin Bieber Talk Being Naked + More With Angie Martinez of Hot 97