Justin Bieber has always been about giving back, and he's doing it in a pretty awesome way with Pencils of Promise. The charity, which funds schools in underdeveloped countries, teamed up with Biebs to motivate students to donate a small amount -- just $25 -- and snag a spot at having the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer come to their own school.

"I wanted to give every one of my fans a chance to help others and bring me to their school for just $25,” Biebs said in a statement. “The Schools4All campaign is a way for us young people to make a change, and I'll get to thank an entire school in person."

Every $25 donated will earn your school another slot in the lottery to win a meeting with the Canadian cutie. Why $25? "Pencils of Promise was founded with just $25,” Pencils of Promise founder Adam Braun explained. “Today we can educate a new child with every $25 donation, and this campaign will enable thousands of students to help other children around the world."

The campaign also features partners Barnes & Noble and Nook who will match student donations up to $50,000. Streaming playlist service Songza will donate $0.10 for every visitor on this site throughout the campaign, and online retailer Poppin will donate $1 for every "like" on their Facebook page through Jan. 31, 2013.

In a PSA recorded to support the event, Bieber is surrounded by barricades swarming with shrieking girls begging him to marry them. "Today there's 61 million children who need your help," Biebs urges over the screams. "Join the movement of students for students and make your voice heard."

Watch Justin Bieber's Pencils of Promise PSA