Justin Bieber performed on 'Germany's Next Top Model' last night (June 7), treating the Teutonic faction of Beliebers to a live rendering of 'Boyfriend.'

German supermodel Heidi Klum introduced The Biebs, who brought the swag, swag, swag to Deutschland. Brought onto the stage by a supermodel, while thousands of female fans shriek? It's good to be Biebs. Can you see his global reach?

As for the swag, The Biebs wore a headset, instead of holding a microphone, so he could make the most effective use of his body and dance uninhibited and unencumbered. He began the perf standing atop a set of makeshift prop stairs, wearing white fingerless gloves that matched his high-top sneakers. It was a 21st century nod to Michael Jackson as The Biebs appears to be his heir apparent.

The Biebs was flanked by both male and female dancers, surrounded by a halo of blue lights, which flashed throughout.

We'll say this -- it was much better than his debut live performance of the song on 'The Voice' finale. While that by no means sucked, it felt like he was still working out the kinks and it was his first time, so he may have been a little nervous.

The Billboard Awards performance a few weeks later was even better. But this one was the best, because the choreography was tight, expanded and filled out. The glittery confetti falling from the sky gave the performance a party feel, too.

The Biebs sounded amazing, looked hot and danced that butt of his off. We can't wait to see and hear he next staging of 'Boyfriend.' While all three live performances we've seen so far have been similar in set up, how the singer sounds has improved tenfold.

After the perf, he sat down with Klum and the panel of judges for a quick chat. He was out of breath, but when Klum asked how he felt about German girls, he said, "I think they are really pretty. I thought you were one of the girls because you are so pretty." What a flirt.

Klum also looked out for the German Beliebers, asking The Biebs to put some of them in his next video.
He said they don't usually fly people out to be in his videos since they don't have the budget. Aw!

He also said 'Believe' was chosen as a title of his album since it’s inspiring. The album drops June 19. Below are The Biebs' flirtatious tweets about his appearance. Then below that is the actual performance!

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Boyfriend' on 'Germany's Next Top Model'

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