Has Justin Bieber turned to religion in an effort to atone for the videos depicting him using racist language?

TMZ reports that earlier this week, the Biebs worked with Pastor Carl Lentz in New York City and was baptized in a bathtub as a symbol in Christianity to "wash away his sins." Bieber also reportedly worked with the Pastor Lentz on doing a one week intensive Bible study.

So why a bathtub? Reportedly, Bieber and his camp looked into performing the ritual in a church, but privacy concerns prevented Bieber from being able to appear unnoticed.

The 20-year-old pop star has been in hot water ever since videos showing him using offensive, racist language were leaked on the Internet. He has since apologized for the videos which were recorded almost four years ago.

On June 4, Bieber posted on his Instagram account a page from a book which speaks about sin in the Christian faith.