WTF is wrong with The Biebs? After Justin Bieber appeared to be recovering from his recent bout of bad publicity and possible meltdown in Europe, centered on that "worst birthday ever" nonsense, the singer has people worried about his mental state and his physical well-being again.

Bieber was snapped traveling through a regional airport in Poland on Monday, March 25, while semi-naked in the freezing cold. Brrr.

Here's what happened. The Biebs performed in Lodz on Monday. After the gig, he headed to the local airport and was snapped exiting his car wearing only white boxers and low-slung pants. It was around 14 degrees Fahrenheit (!!!), which is pretty freakin' cold.

Quick, someone let Olivia Wilde know that The Biebs was parading around without enough clothes on again; she is bound to have something to say and we all know she doesn't want The Biebs to catch a cold by dressing poorly.

The Biebs remained half-dressed as he waltzed through the airport. He made his way through security sans his shirt and then boarded a private jet.

What, did someone on the singer's detail forget to do the laundry? Why was he shirtless in such cold weather? He can get sick! Someone might get fired over this mishap.

A spokeswoman for Lodz Airport stated that it was The Biebs' choice to dress as he did. He was not ordered to strip down by security. The rep said, "He wasn’t told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him. He’s quite skinny so I assume he was probably freezing."

This is the second time that the singer has been snapped without his shirt in recent weeks. He made headlines for going shirt-free in the U.K. We get that he has a great six pack and all, but we don't need to see it when it's that cold, either. Save it for the beach in June, Justin!

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