Cyberbullying is an epidemic in the digital age. It can take place online, via cell phones, through texts, on Twitter, on Facebook and more. Justin Bieber stars in a PSA orchestrated by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office, which details the nature and risks of cyberbullying, with victims of the crime recounting their experiences.

The reason The Biebs stars in this particular region's PSA? Well, he kinda had to. The New York Post reports he cut a plea deal with DA Kathleen Rice after the mall frenzy that took place in 2009. Three years ago, his manager Scooter Braun and IDJ exec James Roppo were criticized for their mishandling of a Biebs event at the Roosevelt Mall in Garden City.

The singer never arrived on site, and police claimed that Braun and Roppo did not do their part to help disperse the hysterical, 3,000-strong mob of girls looking for autographs. Things quickly spiraled out of control, with the handlers facing misdemeanor charges.

In essence, the PSA was The Biebs' make good.

The Biebs talks about how the Internet should be used to inspire, not to spread hate. He flat out states that he is not trying to discourage people from using the web, and really, why would he? His fame is a web-created product. He is the poster boy for the digital era.

That said, The Biebs wants to protect his fans from cyberbullying and to stay safe during their web travels. The best way to do that is by making them aware of cyberbullying.

He sits with fans while they discuss bullying situations that they have dealt with, looking scholarly in black specs.

The dangers and consequences of cyberbullying for both the bully and the victim are discussed. Self-harm, suicide, depression and criminal charges are all byproducts of the epidemic.

He reminds Beliebers that courage and using one's voice can empower and change the world.