Justin Bieber will appear on Thursday's (Feb. 5) episode of 'The Doctors' to surprise Kilee Brookbank, a courageous young teen who survived a horrific home explosion.

The Biebs took to Instagram last night (Feb. 2) to share a heartwarming photo from the episode, which seems to have been filmed the same day as the Biebs' surprise appearance on 'Ellen.'

"Met this inspirational young lady Kilee!" the 'Home to Mama' singer captioned the sweet pic, which depicts him kissing her on the cheek as she grins from ear to ear while holding a bouquet of flowers (presumably from Bieber). "She is so special!"

Indeed she is. According to the Daily Mail, the Ohio teen suffered third degree burns from a "freak" home explosion that also singed off her hair, fingertips, eyebrows and eyelashes. Miraculously, the 16-year-old survived -- and kept her hopeful optimism throughout the entire ordeal.

"It makes you stronger. You don't take anything for granted," she said (quote via the Daily Mail). "It's life changing. I know there's worse things that can happen."

It is this strength -- and their meeting -- that most likely prompted Justin to tweet:

According to the Inquisitr, Kilee's friends -- knowing how big of a Belieber she is -- started things rolling with the hashtag #KileemeetJB.

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