Justin Bieber is reportedly being offered a plea deal in his Miami DUI/drag racing arrest case. However, sources close to the singer, who will turn 20 this coming weekend, isn't interested in the offer and for a variety of reasons.

TMZ reported that The Biebs was offered the same deal that first-time DUI offenders get. It consists of community service, as well as an alcohol education course and random drug testing.

Those last two points are deal breakers for the singer.

He does not want to submit to random drug tests. Since it is rumored that the singer has an issue with sizzurp and weed, that could be the reason for his reluctance. He also doesn't want to take the alcohol course since he thinks it could be an embarrassment.

Biebs also does not want to take a deal that involves probation, since if he has any further legal issues or run ins, he could face more jail time. Plenty of his celeb peers know how that goes.

But furthermore, Biebs' legal team isn't interested in the plea deal since the case is fraught with problems. The arresting officer has a history of cred issues and the GPS readout clocked The Biebs' car at only 27MPH when he was supposedly drag racing. He also had minimal traces of booze in his system.

The team is open to a plea but not the one that the prosecutor offered.