Despite the '80s electro-pop resurgence that's been owning Top 40 airwaves for the past few years (shout out to Carly Rae Jepsen for doing it best with her criminally under-appreciated 2015 EMOTION release ), Justin Bieber has yet to succumb to the trend. Born in 1994, he bypassed the decade entirely, so it's not like he has any personal ties to the '80s. Still, we can't help but wonder what his hits might've sounded like if they were released 30 years ago.

Enter Canadian producer Tronicbox, who gifted the Internet with exactly that. His reworking of Bieber’s 2015 Purpose single “What Do You Mean,” posted to SoundCloud -- appropriately renamed “What Do You Mean It’s 1985" -- sounds like it's been ripped straight from '80s radio: heavy on the saxophone, synths and keyboard.

Even better, Tronicbox provided some excellent accompanying cover art, which beautifully imagines Bieber as an '80s heartthrob -- feathered hair, winning smile and all.

If only Bieber had been around in the '80s, "What Do You Mean It's 1985" would've fit perfectly during a sappy prom scene in a John Hughes movie (it's not quite end credits material).

Listen to Tronixbox's repurposed "What Do You Mean It's 1985" above and let a wave of '80s nostalgia flood over you. And be sure to check out the producer's other Bieber rework of "Love Yourself" over on his official SoundCloud page.

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