'Boyfriend,' Justin Bieber's first single from 'Believe' is slated to impact our world on March 26, but some key people have already heard the jam. Hell yes we're jealous, but that's a whole other complaint. What's interesting about the fact that certain parties who have heard the tune are already drawing comparisons to Bieber's namesake: Justin Timberlake.

That could bode very well for the Biebs. Timberlake has shoved music to the back burner while he acts, competently so. The void needs to be filled and who is better suited for the job than J to the B?

The initial commentary from Mick Lee of Baltimore radio station Z 104.3 was, "Wow." He qualified the statement by saying that it's "so much different than his previous music." Lee also revealed that Biebs raps, which should shock no one, given his affinity for hip-hop. Lee also compared it Ying Tang Twins.

Rap-Up reports that it sounds like a hybrid of Timberlake's signature hit 'Sexy Back' and 'N Sync's 'Girlfriend.'

Know what? We're going to wait until we have the pleasure of hearing it for ourselves and see if 'Boyfriend' makes a even more of a Belieber out of us. Something tells us it will.