Here's an argument for the ages. A Hollywood trade paper suggested that singer, actor, designer and all-around triple threat Justin Timberlake should stop acting and stick with music. Then the folks at Yahoo! came to his defense about why he should continue to straddle the line between both worlds.

Let's revisit JT's career trajectory to see what spurred this argument. The former 'N Syncer took a lengthy hiatus from music to do rom coms and to take some serious roles, but he never became a huge movie star. It didn't seem like that was his intent, either.

Variety addressed the fact that his new film 'Runner Runner' tanked in Titanic-sized fashion, and suggested that's because he can't carry a film.

The Variety piece pointed this out: "Even if he can peddle zillions of iTunes singles or concert tickets, most of his groupies aren’t going to follow him to the big screen. He will never be a movie star, and it’s a mystery why he took such a long hiatus from music to appear in so many movies. Now that he has a hit new album, 'The 20/20 Experience,' it might be a good idea for Timberlake to give up acting."

The mag suggested that JT should follow the safe Hollywood model for singers and to continue to take smaller parts. In essence, the writer argued that JT can't carry a film, and is better as a co-lead (like with Mila Kunis in 'Friends With Benefits') or in a support role ('The Social Network' or 'Alpha Dog.')

Yahoo!'s piece countered that while the singer doesn't have an Oscar, he is likable and people go to see his movies. So what if he had a flop -- who hasn't? Even the A'est of A-listers like Meryl Streep and George Clooney have clunkers littering their resumes. J

T's movies often do well -- even the sleeper 'In Time' exceeded box office expectations despite not being a maj hit -- and he is quite capable with the material handed to him. So what if 'Runner Runner' wasn't a home run(ner)?

Our thoughts? Watch Timberlake on 'Saturday Night Live.' He is one of the very best hosts in history, hence his membership in the esteemed Five Timers Club. Just sayin'