It was no shock that Justin Timberlake had such an incredible degree of success in films and as an 'SNL' host after he embarked on his solo music career. While his film work is often comedic and of the romcom sort, JT has showed his serious and actorly side in many of his music videos.

The videos are usually cinematic, often involve gorgeous women and incorporate loads of fancy footwork. Additionally, the singer's videos often feel like mini-films, especially 'Cry Me a River,' 'What Goes Around …Comes Around' and 'Mirrors,' since they involve detailed and captivating narratives.

We've rounded up to Top 10 Justin Timberlake music videos, covering the easy-on-the-eyes singer's post-'N Sync catalog.

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    'Let Me Talk to You / My Love'

    This black-and-white Justin Timberlake video finds the singer doing what he does best in all of his music vids: Dancing and romancing. No wonder he has been able to bag A-list babes like his ex-GF Cameron Diaz and his wife Jessica Biel over the years. He's accompanied by fellow well-dressed dudes -- the other Tim, aka Timbaland, and T.I.-- in this sexy video.

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    'Rock Your Body'

    The 'Rock Your Body' video is one of Justin Timberlake's best music videos since it's his version of modern disco. Dressed in all white and dancing in a black room with colored lighting and captured from all camera angles, JT is the centerpiece. The video is a vehicle to demonstrate how good of a dancer he really is. So instead of 'D—k in a Box,' it's 'Dance in a Box!' If you've got a weak stomach, you might get a little dizzy while watching this, due to the camera spins and the bright lights, bright lights (insert the voice of Gizmo from 'The Gremlins' here). We say take a Dramamine and enjoy, especially when we get JT in triplicate and in multiples. One JT is never, ever enough.

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    'Tunnel Vision' [NSFW]

    The controversial video for 'Tunnel Vision' finds the singer surrounded by topless dancers. And no, not like that. It's not tasteless or gratuitous nudity designed for shock value. Not. Even. Close. The female form is something to be admired and is a work of art, and that feels like the point JT is trying to make here. It's artsy, not pornographic, since the dancers move across the screen in elegant fashion, like ballerinas. No twerking. No booty bouncing. Just lithe movements of the body. If anything, this music video demonstrates Timberlake's respect for women and their bodies.

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    'Like I Love You'

    The visual for 'Like I Love You' is like a prequel to 'Take Back the Night' -- scroll down in a sec for more on that. Dancing and loitering outside a 7-Eleven, surrounded by muscle cars, JT once again shows off fancy footwork. Clearly, the other Justin (Bieber) borrowed some ideas for his 'Boyfriend' video from this clip. But this about JT, not JB. JT is no joke. Kid can dance his derriere off. If those moves didn't win over the honey in this video, nothing else would. Overall, this video feels like a 'Step Up' movie efficiently condensed into four-plus minutes. JT also gets his hook up on with the babe.

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    'Take Back the Night'

    'Take Back the Night' is the Justin Timberlake video that best captures the vitality and the vibrance of NYC. It's comprised of concert, club and street footage. He's grooving in Chinatown and at a bodega, meeting up with some small fries who have equally fab dance moves and challenge him with fancy footwork on the street. It's an infinitely fun clip, with a 'West Side Story' sort of bend. The 'Lake celebrates nightlife, his live show and more. It's also another vehicle in which JT can effectively show off those flashy, Michael Jackson-schooled dance moves.

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    'SexyBack,' featuring Timbaland, is one of Justin Timberlake's best music videos for a host of reasons. It's a mini-film that unfolds in several minutes, moving along at a frenetic, mysterious and utterly fast pacing. The singer, decked out in a suit and tie, paired with his now-signature close-cropped cut, and a babe are involved in some sort of espionage or something mysterious and thrilling. There's lots of Cloak and Dagger in this sleek clip, and it's what you aren't quite clear about that keeps your attention squarely focused on the screen. What you don't see can be as sexy as outward things like bras, heels and panties. We'll never mind the close ups of the five o'clock shadow or those eyes. Those eyes!

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    'Suit & Tie'

    For his 2013 comeback smash, JT played the part of Rat Packer, nodding to an era gone by. The black and white clip is one of Justin Timberlake's best music videos since it allows him the freedom and the space to display his inimitable swag. It's his stock and trade, and he has so much that it's on back order for everyone else, cough, Biebs, cough. JT sings. He dances. He looks dapper in a suit and tie. There's some swilling of scotch and some smoking of Cuban cigars. Again, the swag in this Jay Z-assisted clip leaps off the screen.

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    'Cry Me a River'

    Oh, it's a river of tears! It's JT, dripping wet, offering this visual indictment of an errant ex. No sympathy. A smoldering stare. Sorta starring in a sex tape. Strutting through a fancy crib. That's JT. He does unaffected so well in this clip. The song and this vid are reportedly about his famous ex Britney Spears, a fact that seems proven when the former lover in the video is wearing the same style of newsboy cap that Brit favored during this era. The subtext is undeniably there. The scenes where JT follows her, one step behind, where we can't see her face and he becomes a voyeur, add to the tension, mystery and intrigue of this tale of a relationship gone wrong.

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    'What Goes Around…Comes Around'

    Timberlake recruited pouty-lipped vamp Scarlett Johansson as his co-star in this steamy clip, featuring dialogue penned by director Nick Cassavetes, who directed him in 'Alpha Dog.' He romances ScarJo in this retro, visually stunning clip that reminds us of something out of 'Moulin Rouge.' The singer establishes himself as a smoldering leading man and displays palpable chemistry with Johansson in this volatile video. There's a fiery crash involving the vixen, footage of JT performing and lots of emotional bacchanalia.

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    Dedicated to his grandparents William and Sadie, who were married for 63 years, Justin Timberlake's video for 'Mirrors' focuses on two couples -- one in the prime of life and one that sees most of their life together in the rear view. It questions the notion of reflections and their validity. Is that we see staring back at us real or is it merely what we want it to be? JT appears in the latter third of the clip, doing some twinkle-toed dancing in a 360-degree mirrored room. The swirling cinematography and the deeply personal and relatable narrative make 'Mirrors' Justin Timberlake's best music video.