Bring on the waterworks! Justin Timberlake was recently brought to tears at a concert he played at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. After a gift from a young fan moved him immensely, he took a cue from one of his own songs -- 'Cry Me a River.'

Alright, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but it was an incredibly sweet moment either way. Here's what happened: A ten-year-old boy told Justin he’d been following his career since he was two. This touched Justin pretty deeply, but it wasn’t until the boy gave him a gift that the feelings came bubbling to the surface. Justin opens the box, finds a bow-tie and it’s just too much to handle.

He says: “Hey man. Greatest gift ever. Because a gentleman can never have too many ties.” He even tells the boy that he might have to wear it on Christmas. Which is pretty much the same thing as being invited to Justin’ house for Christmas.

As Justin walks away, he says: “I love you, kiddo,” wipes his eyes and finishes: “Sh—, that got me. You're the coolest dude here.”

Maybe those baby rumors kind-of-sort-of-not-really confirmed by Joey Fatone have something to do with Justin’s heightened emotions. Whatever it is, we love how sweet Justin is to his young fans and we’re not gonna lie — we’ve kind of been watching this video on repeat.

Don’t believe us? Take a look above for yourself and try not to cry. We dare you.

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