Sometimes it feels like we live in a culture that is more interested in taking down celebrities than celebrating them for all that they've accomplished. And while stars may sometimes make questionable decisions in their personal lives, it's important not to overlook the differences that they've made -- especially in the lives of fans.

Check out the most heartwarming celeb stories of 2014 below.

  • James Maslow Throws Prom for Fan With Down Syndrome

    All high school senior Hannah wanted was to go to prom with James Maslow -- so she (and all of her friends and teachers) made a video asking him to attend. But while James couldn't take Hannah to her own prom because of his busy 'Dancing With the Stars' schedule, he flew her out to L.A. and staged their very own private prom on the 'DWTS' set. Read the full story (and watch more videos!) here.

  • Ed Sheeran Sings to Fan Minutes Before Her Death

    This is a story that is simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. It was 15-year-old Triona Priestly's last wish to have Ed Sheeran sing to her, and through the support of her family and countless fans on Twitter, it was a wish that came true just in time. Ed sang Triona to sleep on the phone, and just a few minutes later, she passed away. Read the full story here.

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  • Justin Bieber Sings 'Baby' With 4-Year-Old Fan

    Justin Bieber has gotten a bad rap in the press this year, but it's stories like this that remind us how genuine and giving he is to his fans. Let it be known that there is nothing cuter than Justin singing 'Baby' with an actual baby -- well, a 4-year-old. Read the full story here.

  • Britney Spears Writes Heartfelt Letter to Young Gay Fan

    Britney Spears was so touched by a letter she received from a young gay fan that she decided to repay the favor, penning him a heartfelt response in return. David LeCours, the fan in question, was so floored by Britney's response that he immediately Instagrammed her letter for all the world to see. Get the full story here.

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  • Channing Tatum Sings 'Happy' to Teen With Brain Cancer

    When 18-year-old Alisa was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor, she immediately came up with a bucket list -- and right in the No. 1 spot was a kiss from Channing Tatum. Thanks to a tearjerking selfie video, the hunky actor delivered Alisa her greatest wish -- as well as a heartwarming rendition of Pharrell's 'Happy.' Get the full story here.

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  • Taylor Swift Comments on Fans' Instagram Pics With Heartfelt Advice

    The sheer amount of notifications that celebs get on social media must be insanely overwhelming. And while there is no way that they can respond to everyone, Taylor Swift is certainly attempting to -- and she's not half-assing it, either.

    Taylor runs all of her own socials, and she's been commenting on fans' Instagram accounts for months, offering them meaningful, big sisterly advice and even just posting hilarious responses because she's Taylor Swift and she's amazing. Get the full story (and see many of her comments) here.

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  • One Direction Help Man Propose to His Girlfriend

  • Selena Gomez's Powerful Anti-Bullying Speech

    2014 has been a self-proclaimed journey of identity for Selena Gomez, who spoke many truths about cyberbullying in an emotional and genuinely moving speech at WeDay in Vancouver, Canada.

    Among the many powerful statements Selena made that day, we'll leave you with this one: “Nothing defines you other than what you leave behind and what lives you touch along the way.” Get the full story here.

  • Demi Lovato Accepts Proposal From 5-Year-Old Fan

    When the world's cutest 5-year-old comes to a Demi Lovato concert with a sign wanting to pop the question, there's only one thing to do: bring him up on stage, show him how to get down on one knee -- and accept! Get the full story here.

  • Austin Mahone's 'All I Ever Need' Fan Tribute Video

    Get those tissues ready, Mahomies. Austin Mahone's 'All I Ever Need' music video is the kind of appreciative gesture that makes you remember why you're a fan in the first place. The emotional vid is a moving tribute to all of Austin's adoring Mahomies, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't get choked up once or several times while watching it. Get the full story here.

  • 33 Couples Get Married at 2014 Grammys

    Macklemore's 'Same Love' became an anthem for gay rights everywhere, but at the 2014 Grammy Awards, it became the soundtrack for 33 lucky couples -- both heterosexual and same-sex -- who tied the knot during his performance alongside Mary Lambert and Madonna, while stars like Beyonce and Paul McCartney cried tears of joy while watching them get married. Read the full story here.

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